Experience the power of purchasing on iOPharma to discover thousands of products and suppliers; but don’t just source… Transact, negotiate and process all purchase activities end-to-end to industry standards.

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Promote and sell your products online to reach a fast growing community of buyers. Upload specifications and respond to enquiries on one page, transacting accurately, in time and in sync with your buyers

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Used by a growing community of buyers and suppliers and their products, iOPharma™ collapses the time and cost to source, negotiate, order and receive products through traditional channels. With iOPharma™ transactions are initiated, completed and confirmed in a matter of minutes instead of days. Activity tracking, documents, and reports are all just a click away

iOPharma™ handles thousands of transactions every year, providing a secure, efficient and      cost-effective platform for buying and supplying. iOPharma™ will not only save you time and money but will empower you to focus more on your business and less on the processes within your business



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"After many years in the pharmaceutical sector, I have now found a platform for online transactions that works for me and our business. It's fast, it's easy and, most importantly, enables us to transact with our buyers and suppliers in real time, worldwide."

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