Zombie cancer cells eat themselves to live

7th April 2014

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study recently published in the journal Cell Reports and presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Conference 2014 shows that the cellular process of autophagy in which cells “eat” parts of themselves in times of stress may allow cancer cells to recover and divide rather than die when faced with chemotherapies.

Autophagy, from the Greek “to eat oneself,” is a process of cellular recycling in which cell organelles called autophagosomes encapsulate extra or dangerous material and transport it to the cell’s lysosomes for disposable. Like tearing apart a Lego kit, autophagy breaks down unneeded cellular components into building blocks of energy or proteins for use in surviving times of low energy or staying safe from poisons and pathogens (among other uses)

Read More: http://www.worldpharmanews.com/research/2746-zombie-cancer-cells-eat-themselves-to-live

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