Discover the effective way to sell online

iOPharma™ is a global web-based pharmaceutical marketplace offering a much-needed alternative to traditional challenging and time consuming selling processes, including independent e-commerce sites.

iOPharma’s secure platform manages the entire sales process, from product listing, targeted promotions, negotiating and ordering, to quality checking, shipping and settlement. All of this activity is managed in one seamless, real-time and end-to-end transaction. For regulatory compliance and transparency, iOPharma™ ensures transactions are automatically tracked, documented and archived. The verifiable online process enables rapid and simple auditing for ISO and other inspections. iOPharma™ additionally supports dispute resolution by allowing iOPlus users to engage in confidential online mediation and arbitration services.



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Boost sales and market coverage with instant global access to thousands of buyers

Upload all your sales and marketing literature, from catalogues to FAQs

Target key decision makers throughout the purchasing cycle

Receive enquiries, negotiate specifications and confirm commercial terms

Select and qualify buyers

Track and monitor the progress of all your pharmaceutical transactions in one place

Develop and refine your sales strategy by accurately tracking demand and changing buyer needs

Eliminate time-zone, language, currency, cultural and commercial differences

Ensure full regulatory compliance with a complete audit trail

Secure your processes with access rights for various team members

Customise a workflow path that works best for your approval processes

Speed up deliveries with parallel department notification

Minimise shipping costs and uncertainties by ordering, documenting and tracking directly

Reduce the time and cost involved in the entire sales process