14 Oct

Ebola is in America – and, finally, within range of Big Pharma

Research into tropical diseases is chronically neglected, but the horror of this epidemic could...

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02 Oct

AstraZeneca shares fall as Obama thwarts tax inversion deals

Pfizer pursuit of UK pharmaceutical less likely after president closes loophole allowing takeovers...

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30 Sep

Breast cancer drug Perjeta could extend patients’ lives by 15 months – study

Drugmaker Roche says £43,000-a-year treatment can extend lives of women with aggressive form of...

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28 Sep

Benzodiazepines Dementia Risk Found

Long-term use of certain sleeping aids and anti-anxiety medications might have a link to dementia,...

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25 Sep

Ebola potential vaccine to be tested on healthy British volunteer

Safety trials of experimental drug at University of Oxford offers hope in west Africa, where virus...

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22 Sep

GlaxoSmithKline still has questions to answer over bribery case in China

It's good news that Mark Reilly is not going to prison – but what of GSK chief executive Sir...

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20 Sep

Pharma giant Bayer in contempt: US

The United States government accused German pharmaceutical giant Bayer of making scientifically...

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19 Sep

Abbott’s Dissolving Heart Stent Clears Arteries in Trial

Abbott Laboratories (ABT)’ disappearing stent, inserted to prop open a clogged artery and...

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17 Sep

GSK to start production of Ebola vaccine as tests on humans begin

Clinical safety trials begin in US next week, after approval from the FDA; volunteer testing in UK...

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15 Sep

End of opium poppy monopoly divides views across the Tasman

New agreement will permit plants to be grown across Australia with Victoria the first state to...

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