Platforms powering seamless transactions between industries

Industry Online aims to develop and promote its cutting edge platforms across a variety of vertical markets as well as that of the supply chain within each industry.   To achieve this it will work with communities in industry to establish best collaborative practices, universally connecting them through seamless transactions, resulting in the empowerment of users and trading partners

Our platform for the pharmaceutical industry

iOPharma™ is an easy-to-use web-based platform for buyers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products and services providing a secure platform for performing the entire purchase process; from sourcing, negotiating, ordering and shipping, to quality checks and settlement for products and services in one seamless, end to end transaction.

Our sophisticated transaction software closely matches existing traditional operating systems and provides the pharmaceutical community with a comprehensive, yet familiar, interface. Requiring no software installation, the service offers:

• Interactive end-to-end trade processing cutting down the time and cost of transactions

• An active, online marketplace where pharmaceutical buyers and suppliers transact daily

• Response, notification and reminder applications

• Safe, secure and authenticated transactions and validation

• A cost effective ‘green’ medium that resuces the need for paperwork and travel

• Online generation of documents, management reports, logs and shipments

• Track and trace of all transaction activities

• The ability to work in multiple languages and currencies

All activity on iOPharma™ is tracked, documented and archived with near real-time management reporting, to help in evidencing industry compliance and transparency in workflows between trading partners

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