iOPharma™ Charter

Our vision

Industry Online Ltd’s vision is to be the leading creator of web-based industry-specific communities for qualified members based on the principles of fair trade and competition, good corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility (CSR). For this vision Industry Online Ltd. strives for sustainable growth both as a company as well as with regard to its community of members whilst attaching great value to the impact its activities have on the environment, to the health and safety of its employees and to the relations with all of its stakeholders.

We consider the creation of communities of qualified members an important tool to improve constantly and systematically the way global business is managed in the 21st century and the way our company looks after the interest of shareholders and stakeholders. We are conscious of the fact that the way companies operate in today’s society is undergoing profound changes to which we should respond.

Our goals

Industry Online Ltd. undertakes to offer a premium service to

  • Provide high end-to-end performance and quality of service in all online processes
  • Meet corporate social responsibility in day-to-day conduct
  • Uphold the statutory rights of Buyers and Sellers in all transactions
  • Uphold the rights of Buyers and Sellers as per the term of conditions of transaction
  • Uphold the rights of service providers such as shippers, forwarders and others
  • Facilitate and enhance Member compliance with all regulatory requirements that may apply
  • Keep its Members informed and give access to industry standards, statutory requirements and codes of conduct in industry
  • Ensure that its employees apply themselves with integrity in supporting all members

1.1 As a web-based services platform of Industry Online Ltd, the (“iOPharma”) platform was developed to mediate, harmonise and facilitate transactions between qualified member buyers and suppliers of pre-production pharmaceutical raw materials.

1.2 The functional aim of the iOPharma platform is to provide a ‘holistic’ end-to-end transaction service to both Buyers and Suppliers, drastically reducing process time and cost whilst maintaining integrity of transaction.

1.3 The pre-requisite for membership growth requires that qualification for Membership and obligations attached to Membership should be set out in this ‘Members Charter’.

1.4 To become and to stay a Member it is a requirement that Members accept the terms of this Charter.

1.5 It is the general aim of this Charter that Membership shall be synonymous with quality and integrity in all aspects of Members’ transactions, operations, conduct and administration.


2.1 The following basic conditions attach to ‘Industry Online Associate’ Membership:

  • Acceptance of the principle of free, fair and open competition.
  • As a supplier to be the owner/manager/operator of one or more production or distribution facilities certified to international standards and engaged in the supply of any one or more of the following general categories: bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, fine chemicals and/or packaging, finished-products as well as other products and services integral to the manufacture of products or provision of services to the industry. Producers have to evidence a validated track record of production of a minimum 5 years.
  • Production Facilities should carry ISO9001 and GMP certificates.
  • Distributors should evidence principal product producers and evidence ISO9002 certification as well as compliance with GMP guidelines relating to storage and product handling.
  • Products entered in the distributor catalogue should be compliant with all GMP standards and the distributor should be able to evidence details of the compliant principal product producers on order.
  • All promoted products and services must be compliant to international standards.
  • As a buyer to be the owner/manager/operator of one or more finished product facilities or a bulk distribution facility with a track record of finished product manufacture of not less than 2 years. The buyer should also be able to evidence minimum requirements of credit worthiness

2.2 Membership commences once an application has been approved by the Industry Online Ltd Executive Committee responsible for qualifying members and the appropriate dues have been paid.

2.3 Membership shall cease at the discretion of the Executive Committee (other than by the Member giving appropriate notice as below) if:

  • Dues are outstanding for 30 days following a warning.
  • The Members operation is adjudged to be of insufficient standing or quality.
  • The Members conduct online is deemed to be detrimental to the performance standards as set out and to the rest of the membership
  • The Member is in breach of the terms and conditions [HYPERLINK] affecting trading transactions with other members
  • For any other reason continued Membership is not in the interests of the Industry Online Ltd.

2.4 Decisions as to expulsion of Members, or turning down applications, shall be taken by the Executive Committee which shall not be required to give any reasons.

Obligations on Members

3.1 The following obligations shall attach to Membership:

  • Payment of dues fully (in accordance with the requirement to declare all qualifying membership criteria)
  • Support and promote the aims of Industry Online Ltd in promoting the principles of this charter and promoting an equal and fair environment for its members
  • Participate in its work in order that it may attain its objectives
  • Keep Industry Online Ltd informed, so far as reasonably practicable, of changes in their working practices which may affect the level of and standard of business
  • To give the requisite three months notice in the event of wishing to terminate membership.

3.2 Membership is a two way matter. Whilst Industry Online Ltd undertakes to perform the functions set out below whilst operating its platform, it looks towards the Members to be active and to support it generally as well as in the specific ways mentioned.

Undertakings By Industry Online Ltd.

Industry Online Ltd. aims

4.1 Industry Online Ltd. through the appointed Executive Committee of Industry Online Pharma™ and permanent Administration undertakes for its part to provide a service in accordance with this charter and for the furtherance of its aims and objectives and the interests of its Members to include in particular that:

  • The office and administration is run in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Members are informed through the web bulletin published and/or in other ways of developments which may affect their commercial interests.
  • Issues of importance are highlighted for the membership.
  • It aims to contract to provide appropriate information services and where fees are charged for those services to make them available at a competitive rate
  • It develops and maintains good relations with qualifying authorities and other international bodies.
  • It uses its collective weight when feasible in order to assist a Member in the resolution of a commercial dispute.
  • It holds itself available to give advice to Members on such matters as may be put to it.
  • It continues to develop IOPharma™ in such other ways as may benefit the Membership as a whole.
  • It will provide such new services to Members as from time to time the Executive Committee shall decide.
  • It maintains an open and frank relationship with the Press and Media explaining difficulties as well as achievements.

4.2 It also undertakes to set up, administer and organise Seminars, Conferences, delegations to other organisations or countries of benefit to individual Members and Members as a whole and to Report thereon.

4.3 It further undertakes through its officers and administration to participate in events organised by others which are of benefit to the Membership or may help to promote the iOPharma™ platform

To achieve these aims, we will:

  • Consult our members to identify and meet their needs by surveys and the like;
  • Work in partnership with others;
  • Treat everyone equally;
  • Promote best practice and innovation;
  • Work in an open and accountable way.

In this section, we have;

  • Explained how to contact the iOPharma™ team;
  • Detailed our members’ rights and responsibilities;
  • Stated the standard you can expect from all our services;
  • Detailed our complaints procedure;
  • Stated how we consult you and keep you informed.

To ensure that all services and standards meet the identified needs of our members and to review and publish our performance against these standards.

Details of the standards for all our services are available on request.

Your opinion matters to us and we will take every opportunity to improve the quality of our service to you. If you are happy or unhappy with our standards of service, we would like to hear from you.

How to contact us

Details on how to contact iOPharma™ can be found on our Contact page.

Through our Customer Relations Department

You may contact one of our Customer Relations Officer about any concerns you may have. He will take up the matter on your behalf with the appropriate person in iOPharma™.

Our promise to you

Exelcis Ltd is committed to providing a high-quality service to our members.

Our commitment to you means that iOPharma™ staff will:

  • Be friendly, helpful, approachable and professional;
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to requests for iOPharma™ services;
  • Respond promptly to all inquiries about our services;
  • Give you straightforward information about our services;
  • Answer telephone calls quickly and help you to use our facilities;
  • Consult members regularly and take account of their comments;
  • Promote equality and fair treatment;
  • Aim to offer you value for money;
  • Aim to continuously improve our services for members.

Help us to help you and get involved

We can give you a better service if you:

  • Let us have your ideas, comments and suggestions;
  • Tell us at once if you are dissatisfied, and give as much information as possible;
  • Comply with the Professional Code of Conduct;
  • Let us know about services you are satisfied with.

Our standards

You should expect the following standards from all iOPharma™ services.

Service for all

We aim to provide services that everyone can use, and will aim that all our services are accessible to every member. We will respect each person’s diversity.

Clear and concise information

We will inform you about our services and how to access them. We will aim to ensure that the information is easy to read and current. We will make information available, on request, in accessible formats such as large print.

Courteous service

Our service will be polite and welcoming and confidentiality (if required) will be respected. We will comply with privacy principles where appropriate.

Dealing with queries

We will respond to all queries, letters and emails within 2 working days of receiving them. If the matter is complex and needs more attention, we will contact you to explain the reason for the delay and, if possible, say when you should get a full response. If it involves a long investigation, we will inform you of the progress at least every 15 working days.

All our letters to members will be written in plain English and free of unexplained technical language. They will name a person and telephone number for you to contact.

Complaints procedure

Industry Online Ltd endeavours to get things right the first time. However, sometimes we don’t succeed. If you are not satisfied with something we have done, you have the right to complain. You can complain by phone, in person, in writing, via email or through the website.

Our complaints procedure is confidential. It has two stages to ensure that all complaints are dealt with fully and fairly.

All complaints should be sent to:

Industry Online Ltd.

Bahnhofstrasse 16

6300 Zug



Stage 1: Your complaint

As the first step, the department responsible for the service will deal with your complaint. The department will acknowledge your complaint by email within one (1) working day of receiving it. The department will issue a full reply within 5 working days. If this target cannot be met, you will be told of the delay, the reason for the delay, and when to expect a response. We aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days.

Stage 2: What to do if your complaint has been investigated but you are still not satisfied

At this stage, the complaint will be dealt with by the Chief Executive Officer and the appropriate Director. Again, we will acknowledge your complaint within one (1) working day and aim to resolve it within ten (10) working days.

If you are still not satisfied, what can you do?

If your complaint has still not been settled to your satisfaction, the Chief Executive Officer can refer you to mediation if applicable.

Listening to our members

To ensure that our standards meet our members’ requirements, we will always consider your views and opinions. As a member, you must have the opportunity to influence the decisions we make on your behalf.

To help us improve our services, we will take on board your views in several ways:

  • Conduct a regular satisfaction survey and aim to keep satisfaction levels above 80%;
  • Consider the findings from regular consultations with members of all our services, and act on these findings;
  • Invite your comments on our service through various arenas;
  • Distribute the charter to directors and departments who as representatives of Industry Online Ltd. will review our standards and provide feedback.

We want to make it easy for you to give us your views and concerns, and aim to make our services more responsive to your needs. If you are happy or unhappy with us or with our services, we want to hear about it.

Keeping you informed

We aim to ensure that we communicate with our members, and we will give you information in the following ways:

  • Our on-line magazine, published on and sent monthly to all corporate and individual members
  • Information via general or targeted emails to subscribers
  • News releases to the media
  • Our Corporate and Strategic Plans
  • A wide range of information online notifications
  • Events mailing list
  • Events Calendar