Our mission

Industry Online aims to be the leading B2B platform that sets the supply chain process standards for industry by enabling and enhancing compliant and collaborative end-to-end, online transactions between trading partners. This will help to reduce the time and cost associated with buying and selling products and services for all users.

The philosophy that we share

IT applications are key to effective supply chain management. User requirements and business needs have to be central to the development of any application and we share a genuine commitment to working in partnership with our users to develop, deliver and implement the best practices used in online collaborative platforms to empower seamless transactions between trading partners.

Our vision

Our users are at the heart of all systems developed and implemented by Industry Online. That’s because our vision is for Industry Online platforms to become the central interface for collaboration by powering seamless end-to-end transaction across the industry. This will enable users to better manage their supply chain and spend less time managing processes.