1+1=11!! - The merging of knowledge and transaction

25th September 2014

iOPharma, the platform pharmaceutical players use to connect, source  and privately trade online, has partnered with SmartChem.  The strategic deal was brokered in May and means users will now benefit from a rich knowledgebase of product and supplier sources, as well as routes of synthesis for the life science and the chemical industries.

Best described as an industry-focused ‘Linkedin’ on steroids, iOPharma is a powerful new business network underpinned with a sophisticated transactional management system.  As adoption grows and user’s personal business network expand, the opportunity to open up sales pipeline in new geographical markets increase, making iOPharma the place to readdress pressure from global competition and receding margins.

Currently populated with API, Intermediates and Excipient users, iOPharma has plans to support the full pharmaceutical supply chain in time.  Users remain fully in control of their business by inviting and approving trading partners to promote and sell or to buy products, whilst protecting existing partnerships through confidential transactions that are recorded to help evidence compliance.

All transactions elicit a fully secure audit trail: – from sourcing, negotiating, ordering and shipping, to quality checks and settlement for products and services in one seamless, end to end transaction. Further benefits include a single trading standard across the business network, the ability to work across multiple time-zones, and compliance with the mandatory serialisation of a product’s journey through trackable barcodes.

With little initial effort to set up, users benefit from a single pharmaceutical trading standard that helps evidence trading parties’ compliance through an electronic paper trail. The initial time taken to process transactions is more than regained as iOPharma reduces the cost and time to source, negotiate, order, ship, quality check, and invoice orders to minutes rather than days.

iOPharma follows a rigorous partnership and product development roadmap to meet ongoing customer needs, and SmartChem offers a convincing layer of strategic resource for the iOPharma business network.  With this powerful information at their fingertips, users can quickly identify both product components and competitive sources for their raw materials, as well as assess different synthesis routes that could provide new application areas for their products.

In the next month, iOPharma, which is compatible with all browsers, will become a multi-language platform, including Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, as well as English.

To become a member of the closed iOPharma community, please sign in here: http://www.io-pharma.com/  For further information on SmartChem and a full list of benefits, go here: http://www.row2technologies.com/

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