Did you know?

24th April 2013

iOPharma is used by a growing community of more than 1000 buyers and suppliers.

iOPharma is a global web-based pharmaceutical marketplace for : APIs, Excipients (including coating materials, colours, fragrances, flavours), Other relevant categories to be released shortly

Re-engineered transaction processes developed on iOPharma by analysts in conjunction with experts in pharmaceutical supply chain reduce the time and cost involved in : Sourcing, Negotiating, Ordering, Shipment, Receiving and Quality Control

 iOPharma is an online platform where:

• Transactions are initiated, completed and confirmed in a matter of minutes, instead of days and activity tracking, documents, management reports, logs and shipments are also all just one click away.

• Shared templates with trading partners and a powerful notification system enables suppliers to comprehensively and effectively promote their products, and buyers to rapidly source their materials and qualify suppliers

• Powerful transaction ‘history tree’ interface  allows for in-context archiving as well as the rapid drill down and retrieval of transaction information documents attachments and messages

• Automatic and data rich document generation of all transaction activity including shipping documents pro-formas, invoices, and packing lists not only saves time but also ensures accuracy of data and reduces errors

• Comprehensive reports include logs of transaction negotiations as well as management information reports providing a total view of activity between trading partners is available at a touch of a button

• Multi-user allows an administrator to assign transactions to colleagues within the company reducing the risk of gaps in responses and keeping transactions in-flow

• Track and trace of ‘who did what and when’ complies with ICH-Q10 guidelines

As a result, iOPharma turns the entire supply chain into a seamless and harmonized online communication channel between trading partners allowing them to collaborate effectively on all aspects of the supply chain.

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